Training Courses

As a life coach it is my joy to sit down one-on-one with individuals and help facilitate the process of their personal  development. I honestly believe it is within the context of authentic relationships and life-on-life interaction over a protracted period of time, where some of the the most significant work of change and transformation occurs.

Second to this one-on-one dynamic, I also enjoy and value training smaller groups where participants have the chance to deeply engage a particular subject related to their personal growth and development.  Group Event

In a major departure from typical lecture driven seminars, my training courses are interactive and discovery – orientated, built around adult learning principles. The formats contain a combination of explanation, demonstration, practice, personal reflection, one-on-one interaction, and group discussion.

These courses are delivered in person and on-line, in two-day workshops and in 6 to 12 week webinars. To learn about current training courses go to my Events page.

It would be my pleasure to come to your venue to present one of these courses in a workshop format. That venue may be your church, your business organization, a training organization, or a group of friends in a home. My joy is to bring blessing, value and practical training to those who are desiring to realize their potential and unique destiny in Christ.

To schedule a workshop in your area contact me.