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“This workshop for me was fantastic.”

Coaching Destiny Discovery 2-Day Workshop

November 2014 Event Testimonials:

  • “Well organized and passionate. (Dave) answered questions well. It was amazing!”
  • “As an overview it was amazing.”
  • “This workshop for me was fantastic.”
  • “This was such an impactful class – for my own destiny discovery and learning to coach others through this.”
  • “The workshop was so well set out and walked through.”
  • “I really see your (Dave) passion in what you do and that makes the greatest difference in teaching coaching.”
  • “Dave is enjoyable and delivers the materials well. I am blessed and have a better understanding of myself and why.”
  • “You (Dave) are such a lover of people and a big inspiration in this area of coaching and serving people.”
  • “Dave carries a presence of peace and compassion and it is amazing to be trained and coached by him.”
  • “Well prepared (really professional). I felt comfortable (secure and safe) to explore.”

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I received breakthrough and clarity….

“Dave carries the Father’s heart in his coaching. He brought wisdom and a fresh perspective to areas of my life that needed clarity. Through our coaching sessions, my eyes were opened to discover more of who God has called me to be and how I communicate that. I received breakthrough and clarity which has helped me have vision for the present and the future. Dave facilitated a safe place with insightful questions, encouragement and accountability.”
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“Dave is an expert at facilitating the coaching process…”

“I have attended several of Dave’s life coaching workshops. Through his teaching of how to listen and ask powerful questions, demonstration and peer coaching, I have realized the value of coaching. Through this training I began to discover what motivated my heart. This enabled me to see the necessary actions to be taken to empower me and set me free. I was also able to coach others in this way in the workshops and with subsequent coaching opportunities.
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Dave is like a spiritual father…

“When I began coaching with Dave, it’s as if a pot were stirred. He helped me to sift through areas brought to the surface and identify lies that I had been believing about myself and my own identity.  They were things that were holding me back, keeping me from going forward in pursuing dreams that the Lord had placed in my heart.  This resulted in barriers being destroyed that had kept me from experiencing more of the Lord’s Presence, which is the foundation of all success.  Dave is like a spiritual father, and he has a wonderful way of bringing us back to the love and acceptance of our Heavenly Father and the freedom that He has given us to dream big.”
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He connected me to God amazingly…

“Dave helped me make sense of my journey by walking alongside me and bringing peace and calm, wisdom and maturity. He connected me to God amazingly and always brought the focus back due north to God throughout all that was going on. His powerful questioning and intuition helped me discover my heart. All of this not only helped me to work through and survive the season I was in but make sense of it both in my own heart and through what God was doing. I felt that each session was well structured, kept just the right pace and brought valuable insights.”
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“This workshop opened my eyes to spiritual formation using a coach approach…”

Empowering Spiritual Growth Using Coaching Workshop

“This workshop opened my eyes to spiritual formation using a coach approach instead of the usual way of telling someone the changes they need to make. How much more powerful it is to get your own revelation of needed change than through the conventional methods typically used in the church.”
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“David powerfully delivers the depth of the heart of a coach…”

Empowering Spiritual Growth Using Coaching

“This workshop set a solid foundation and gave me many tools in coaching. It empowered me to work toward my goals and equipped me to help others do the same. As a coach and trainer David powerfully delivers the depth of the heart of a coach, which is the heart of Jesus.”
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“I am better equipped to lean into this season of my life…”

“I appreciate Dave’s wisdom and his sincere desire to help me deepen my relationship with God. Having been coached by Dave over the past six months I am better equipped to lean into this season of my life, learning everything that God wants me to, so that I am ready for whatever God has for me in the future.”
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“Dave’s support and encouragement have made a true difference in my life.”

“I have been coaching with Dave now for one year. His ability to communicate the love and goodness of our Heavenly Father has enabled me to see life, my circumstances and who I am from heaven’s perspective. His support and encouragement have made a true difference in my life.”
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“saturated with the Father’s love”

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