Coaching Focus

Most coaches gravitate to a particular focus in coaching with a fairly targeted group of clients in mind. This is most often the result of their own unique design, life experiences, passions and desires. The most effective coaching is a coaching relationship matching the natural orientation and skills of the coach with the needs and goals of the client.

My Mission: Your Personal Development

Life Development:

My focus in life development is helping individuals move toward their potential in both their “being” capacity (the kind of person they can become) and their “doing” capacity (the unique roles or assignments they can excel in). I enjoy working with individuals who…

  • feel stuck or stalled in their life but really desire to move forward
  • are in a season of transition and need to navigate what’s next
  • have dreams but aren’t certain of how to see them realized
  • simply have a passion to excel in life but are not sure what that looks like or how to get there.

As a personal change partner, it is always my goal to create a relational “safe place” for others to accurately assess where they currently are in their life, become clearer as to where they want to be, discover the means to get there, and provide the encouragement and accountability for significant life change to become a reality.

Spiritual Growth:

The spiritual journey aspect of my coaching focus flows from my allegiance to Jesus Christ as his follower and student. From this particular world view it is my joy to help other serious followers of Christ to…

  • experience deep, inward change resulting in a greater reflection of the heart of Christ for others
  • be better equipped for assisting other apprentices of Jesus in their journey and life development
  • become clearer and more confident in their unique design and calling
  • navigate well their spiritual journey, particularly in times of significant transition, difficulty and challenge
  • become more intentional and fully engaged in each stage or season of their spiritual journey for maximizing their personal development

If any one of these areas strikes a note in your heart, I may just be the coach for you. Contact me today and let’s explore that possibility. Your life is waiting to be fully lived. Don’t wait too long!